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Hong Kong Will Have Her Own Hello Kitty Café – Secret Garden

Important Note before you visit the Hello Kitty Secret Garden:

As a Hello Kitty fan and the owner of this blog, I feel obliged to let you know some facts related to this restaurant before you get excited. Some facts are my own experience. Maybe you need to consider carefully whether this restaurant worths your time, money and your happy mood to pay a visit.

Hello Kitty Secret Garden is operated by the same company with Hello Kitty Le Petit Café. Last time I was very unhappy with the food quality with the Hello Kitty Le Petit Café. Their food prices are not cheap comparing with other cafés like Starbucks or McCafé. But the food quality and service were quite disappointing. If you decide to visit them because of Hello Kitty, be prepared that they might disappoint you.

Reasons that you need to reconsider whether you would visit them :

Inconvenient Location

Hello Kitty Secret Garden is not located in a convenient place which may cost you over one hour just on one-way travelling. As fact, location is not the big issue for me if the cafe is good.

Over-Charged Price

The food from Hello Kitty Secret Garden (from the news so far) are not so tempting to me. You can easily spend over HKD 40 for a small coffee that you can get a grande size from Starbucks with better taste. A Hello Kitty burger set (a normal burger with a Hello Kitty head-shape panfried egg) costs HKD 98 for which price you can get a delicious burger from the popular BLT or Ruby Tuesday.

I understand that because of crossover and license fee, the food in Hello Kitty Secret Garden may be a little bit higher than other restaurant. However, it makes no sense to pay the price for Hello Kitty but don’t even get a cute Hello Kitty on your food.

Bad Look of the Food

To me (probably to most of the Hello Kitty fans), the only reason for visiting Hello Kitty Café is because of Hello Kitty. If the prices of food is not tempting, at least I am expecting the food will be attractively presented with Hello Kitty.  However, they have already disappointed me once.

I visited the Hello Kitty Le Petit Café in Sogo when they were just opened and ordered a Hello Kitty Mocha. Lack of training, their staff made a cup of coffee with a very ugly Hello Kitty on the top that I hardly could recognize. I have been in many different Cafés in Hong Kong and never encountered a coffee with such bad art.

To me it’s more than obvious that a customer comes to a Hello Kitty Café on the opening day is because of Hello Kitty. It’s hard to understand why a Café opens without trained and experienced staffs making coffee.

They claimed to me that the coffee didn’t look good because I ordered a mocha latte. The mocha powder would destroy the coffee art quickly. I had ordered many times Mocha coffee from McCafé and their coffee art could always last almost till I finished the last drop of coffee.

Worst of All – Service

From their claim you probably already can tell how they tried to put the blame onto customer (actually it’s them who recommended me the Mocha).

More unbelievably, the idea of exchanging a better coffee for customer never occurred to them although it’s their mistake. I didn’t complain and sadly had my ugly Hello Kitty mocha. Lucky because it’s on their opening day, the manager decided to exchange a Coffee Latte for me. For this kind gesture, I wrote my last article about Le Petit Café in their favour.

And now Hello Kitty Secret Garden opened under the operation of the same company. Only openend 5 days, I have already noticed from their facebook page the people were very angry with the way how they handled the business and treated the customers.

I have tried last several days dozens of times to contact them by the phone but never got through. Either there’s nobody (feels like no one was working there) or their voice mail box was completely full that I couldn’t even leave a message. It seems to me that they don’t care how customers feel.

What’s worse, they closed their restaurants at 7:00pm for welcoming new employees without any advance notice yesterday. Many people traveled a long time to visit them (remember? their location is not convenient) and only found out the Café was closed.  I can understand the anger of people (who are actually Hello Kitty fans). Many people complaint even they arrived way before the private party (like 5:30pm) and still didn’t get in. There’s no sign of anything. Some of them even stood in line for a while before somebody from the Café came out to tell them the Café was closed.

Their telephone can never get through but if you arrive there you may find out a sign of “Full House Sorry” hanging on the door. How great is that !

I am a huge fan of Hello Kitty and I understand all of your feelings about Hello Kitty. I write this part of article because I don’t want to see a restaurant / Café abuses Hello Kitty’s fame to make money but ignores the feelings of Hello Kitty fans.

If you have planned to visit the Hello Kitty Secret Garden, you may need to think twice.

No matter how unhappy I was, I will still visit them in the near future to find out whether they have improved and to show you the more information about them. Hopefully thing will get better and I can revise the above paragraphs soon.


Big new for all the Hello Kitty fans in Hong Kong – Hong Kong will have a real Hello Kitty café – Secret Garden from the 1st of June 2014. Excited ?!

I am always envy that Taiwan has so many cute Hello Kitty spots, like “Hello Kitty Sweets” and the newly opened Kiko’s Dinner.

Although Hong Kong has the very first Hello Kitty themed café – Hello Kitty Le Petit Café on last December, it is located in the supermarket the basement level of SOGO and it doesn’t provide the tables and chairs where you can sit down to enjoy your order.

To me (or is it just me?), a real café should have stylish chairs and tables and a special atmosphere.

This time Hong Kong finally will have a real Hello Kitty themed café decorated with Hello Kitty furnitures, utensils, as well as posters and stickers. What’s more, there’s a large Hello Kitty figure standing in front of the entrance.

Hello Kitty Café - Secret Garden

Hello Kitty Café – Secret Garden (Photo Source: Hello Kitty Le Petit Café)

This new Hello Kitty café will open (soft-opening) on the 1st of June 2014. The location is actually not too convenient : 19 Ormsby Street, Tai Hang. But if you are a hard-core Hello Kitty fan, you can consider to pay a visit.

Kitty’s Little Secret

Hello Kitty Café – Secret Garden

Address: 19 Ormsby Street, Tai Hang, Hong Kong
Opening Hours: Sunday 9:00am -9:00pm
Tuesday – Thurday 12:00pm – 9:00pm
Friday 12:00pm – 10:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 10:00pm
(Close on Mondays)

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